Tech Women @ Intuit Expands Intuit Again

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Tech Women @ Intuit is excited to expand our Intuit Again program through our partnership with Path Forward to the US. We aim to have a diverse candidate pool when evaluating job openings, which sometimes means we have to look longer for top talent in new and unconventional places. Diversity and inclusion are essential to delivering awesome products and experiences. We believe innovation thrives in a workplace that includes employees with a wide range of life experiences and a supportive culture that lets great ideas rise to the top.

At our India campus, one innovative program called Intuit Again, brings mid-career technical women back into the workforce after a break in service. We’ve hosted three successful programs for 20 women, with 75 percent of the participants graduating to accept full-time jobs at Intuit or one of our partner organizations.

Now, with their success as the wind beneath our wings, Intuit Again has returned stronger and more committed to give more women the opportunity to work with a great team at Intuit and make this the year they begin their journey. We are excited to bring Intuit Again to our Mountain View location for the first-time.

Do you know someone who qualifies and would be interested in a returnship? We are currently  accepting applications and looking to fill a total of 7 roles in our Spring cohort. Please direct people you think would be interested to our website

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