“We the Prosperous” – Dina Proctor

Customer Stories, Powering Prosperity Prosperity is Helping People Change Their Lives

Dina Proctor’s 20s were difficult. They were a time of unfulfillment and depression—so much so that she set a date to take her own life. Then she found meditation and the ability to find inner peace and happiness. It changed her life. It saved her life. And it awoke in her a desire to share its benefits.

She wrote a book titled “Madly Chasing Peace.” She also ran up a lot of credit card debt learning how to start a business—then got her finances under control with the help of an accountant who showed her how to use QuickBooks software to sync with her credit card. Today, Dina has found her bliss in coaching others in meditation. “I started helping people,” she says. “That’s where I found something that I really loved to do.”


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