“We the Prosperous” – Mariette Martinez

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Mariette Martinez’s accounting career brings together three of her dreams—to be a successful entrepreneur, to be a good parent and to have the flexibility to work away from home so she can see more of her husband when he travels for work. QuickBooks Online allows her to strike this balance—and to champion other Latino small business owners and accountants in her Southern California community.

Each day she makes it a point to impact someone else’s life and that is what prosperity means to her. QuickBooks Online provides her a single place where she can see all her clients, do their books and transition into preparing their taxes. “It’s seamless,” she says. “I’m completely in the cloud. I feel I can truly take my business anywhere.”

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  1. Awesome stuff! I am so honored to be a colleague of Mariette’s and am so proud of all the hard work and effort that she puts into making her clients’ lives better balanced! With Mariette guiding them, they are already on the road to success! #ProsperityIs knowing Mariette has their best interest in mind and wants to see them flourish as successful business owners.

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